Collusion Confusion for Covfefe is Really an Illusion

We hear a new line from Covfefe & Inc. about the “Collusion Confusion” symptom they seem to have; so where there is Confusion there No CollusionReally? Well your problem is that there is indeed no confusion here at all so let me suggest – with the “appropriate” touch of respect of course – to try and use this link as my personal contribution to begin your little investigation about the term; try NOT to take too long so it may be worth delegating this task to someone else. I personally prefer the term “messn’ around”, works for me because it embodies the mess that you represent to a great country like the United States since the day you set foot in the White House. So you & your team may continue your effective Communication Strategy as our friends in the photo but I suspect it won’t help getting your tail clipped at the end of the run.

Enjoy yourself.

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