A BREXIT Nugget: Responding to a BREXIT Supporter

BREXIT, a Reality Check!

Fidelito's Blog

Today I read an article in The Independent by Naomi Firsht, making her views loud & clear on BREXIT (link below). I decided to dedicate this post in responding to Ms. Firsht, so here goes;

I kind of understand your dilemma, because well we’re all facing in in one way or another the same thing despite our different positions. The part about the complete/utter incompetence of Theresa May that much I am certain the majority agree. I also happen to agree about weak leadership/inconsistent position of Labour. But here’s what I don’t understand; why is there fear from BREXITEERS from a 2nd Referendum if there is certainty about what the British people want/voted? Talking Democracy, so what if the vote is overturned? Isn’t this a quote from David Davis himself; If a democracy cannot change its mind, it ceases to be a democracy”. Isn’t this how elections…

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