Mike Pompeo Testifies: Look, Listen & Learn

I can only hope that America First translates something along the lines of -> Fix America First.

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Quite an interesting hearing at the U.S. Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee which I would recommend watching in full. There is plenty to unpack from the discussions in the hearing but I will ignore my urge to comment on each important point made, and will only focus on 2. Suffice to say it demonstrates in no uncertain terms the current administration’s – supported by the GOP (and don’t you ever forget it) – commitment to the America Firstpolicy. So I would urge the EU to analyse this & future hearings and making pragmatic adjustments to EU policy vis-a-vis the United States with the understanding that perceptions do matter and you can’t protect your value with a stick if you’re being attacked/undermined with a tank – not literally you understand.

As for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo himself, many describe him as a Policy Hawk. I would have agreed…

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