Time for a Permanent Holiday Theresa May

Time to Say Goodbye!

Fidelito's Blog

Dear Mrs. May 

We hear you’re about to take your summer break – and goodness gracious me – do we deserve it. My suggestion however is that you extend this break to one that it permanent. Come on now, with a permanent holiday the sky is the limit with activities like sky diving, swimming, hunting and just enjoying yourself while giving us e chance to sort the mess, but that’s OK we’re fine with that too. You see a leader in our view is NOT just about results – and you certainly achieved plenty that is detrimental  to this country – but more importantly about how you achieve these results and the way you carry the whole country with you. You’ve certainly carried “part” of your party well – and good on you. But the ultimate question a true leader needs to ask him/herself relates to legitimacy and it goes something like…

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