A BREXIT Nugget: The Devil is Truly in the Detail

My message to our “clever” politicians out there lets NOT get too clever with our discussions on BREXIT until we sort out our process.

Fidelito's Blog

In the previous post here I eluded to the fact that politicians seem to be focused on details of a BREXIT deal, party conflicts/compromises, opt ins/outs among others. Of course this is all right/proper under normal circumstances. The reason there is significant difficulties here is the flawed process that got us where we are, whether we’re talking of a referendum that was largely driven by disinformation or a non-inclusive process driving the negotiation and the continued “government”the term used loosely here – to sideline parliament and the British people in having a final say on the deal. It is therefore no surprise that in the article below by BBC Journalist Laura Kuenssberg the term “squeak through” comes to represent precisely what BREXIT has come to represent for this government – the model if you like. The question then becomes why are some intent on jeopardising our future for…

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