BREXIT Nuggets: The British Democracy & The Bombing “Economy”

Progressive/Pragmatic Policy NOT Regressive Good Old Politics. 

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More BREXIT headlines/headaches that continue to demonstrate the utter mess we seem to be heading towards. My real worry is that we’re getting numb with continued flow of this negative news about the impact of BREXIT until suddenly we wake up when we hit the iceberg and it’s all much too late to reverse course. Now this is a nugget I may choose to update with more thoughts on these topics but here are the new stories making headlines/brief comments;

UK democracy under threat and need for reform is urgent, says regulator

Now to be honest this is really old news, something I’ve been posting about in numerous blogs – if you’d care to search the site using the term “brexit” – not because I am a genius but rather because it’s common sense considering what we know so far in terms of how the BREXIT campaign was rigged by…

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