A BREXIT Nugget: The Pint Pal Speaks his Mind

Fidelito's Blog

Pint PalBoris Johnson speaks his mind again but this time though he does make sense  when criticising the UK government’s BREXIT talks strategy, saying it lacks “guts” and suggested Donald Trump – of all people – could do a better job. He’s certainly free to express his opinion though it is a significant statement that demonstrates that there isn’t really plenty that separates the ideologies driving both systems. This in reality has been the core thrust of the BREXIT strategy/planning from day 1 of the debate with all the funding/coordination between these 2 camps. If people are honest about it you will find many among the BREXITEERS in this Conservative party (the British version of the GOP in the US) who are quite supportive of the Trump leadership – and I use the term leadership reservedly – but keep quiet about it so that there is no “

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