Photo Profile Update: Maison Dior

fgpixA beautiful building in a great setting for this Museum of Christian Dior based in Granville – France. The building is called “Les Rhumbs” and is based at the top of a cliff.  At the age of six, Christian and his family moved to Paris but kept the villa. He returned there every summer during his youth, maintaining the garden and perfecting his botanical knowledge. I have seen many photo’s on the web of the building but for me this photo captures the true style of the building. I have also not applied much editing so that the original composition is not altered much. Hope you enjoy!

PS: Please note that as content of my online gallery on my photo website FidelitosPix changes regularly some of the old links to photo’s may no longer work. I change gallery content 1-2 times a week. Thanks.

Link to the original photograph here

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