Spy poisoning: How could the UK retaliate against Russia?

Well it certainly helps when we have a proper government in place rather than a bunch of hacks led by BREXITEERS who do nothing but brag about their nationalist approach in protecting the interest of the country. However, when it is truly crunch time in terms of action required against adversaries (NOT partners), nothing comes out but worthless statements. It started with Russian interference in the referendum and now this mess. I expect that by the end of the ultimatum set the British “bunch” we will most certainly get the usual worthless statements and possibly some meaningless weak actions. Useful to remember that Russian oligarchs are also big donors of the Conservative party, and most probably not the only corrupt foreign donors either. What is truly stupid is the request by the “bunch” for the Russian government to explain the spy attack; but what I’d like to know is who’s the genius that came up with this reaction and what were the symptoms;  of course we have plenty of geniuses in the “bunch” already so hard to tell.

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  1. Expelling Russian diplomats is pretty much the goto approach when there is weakness in applying effective solutions. Ridding the UK from Russian financial interests, particularly ones linked to Russian leadership is important. Financial interests are becoming a tool for subversion, and this does not apply to Russia but many other autocracies. We need to reassess our approach in dealing with foreign financial interests in the the country and ensure these do NOT undermine our economic & security interests.

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