The BREXIT Nugget: Kicking the Can Down the Road(updated)

Fidelito's Blog

OK, now that our political “geniuses” are celebrating defeating the government in parliament to give MPs a legal guarantee of a meaningful vote on the final Brexit deal struck with Brussels; here are a few thoughts;

  1. This is merely kicking the can down the road because as of yet there is no consensus as to what’s best for Britain. Some expect Soft BREXIT, some want NO BREXIT with the lines utterly blurred between these 2 position while while others are still keen on a Hard BREXIT.
  2. The BREXIT referendum mandate is all but utterly broken – and the worse part is that no one who voted Leave has a say about that and no data/analysis has been presented as justification for these twisted choices. As for Remainer’sagain they are being mis-represented because their choice was/is NO BREXIT NOT no longer seems a viable alternative with Liberal politicians…

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