The BREXIT Model

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It seems on a daily basis now that we continue to get a drip..drip analysis of BREXIT’s effects on the economy, some good but mostly quite negative – and the worse part is that no one can really tell fact from fiction. This while our “lovely” politicians continue playing their usual politics-of-the-day games, making choices of twists/turns to the Referendum mandate (Canada++/Norway-+/X^?) so as to squeeze in policies rather than focusing the 2 fundamental issues that we face;

  1. BREXIT Impact Assessment/Vision
  2. Proper Investigation into Russian meddling into the Referendum

So what this means in laymen terms is that we’re essentially putting the cart before the horse; politicians making policies on-the-go purely based on ideological narratives / objectives divorce from realities or to be more accurate only conveniently pointing to the realities (headlines) that match their narratives, while we as tax payers will ultimately pick up the bill for choices being…

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