The BREXIT Nugget: A Question of Identity – Where Does that Fit In?

Fidelito's Blog

This might be a self-serving post but it is an issue that does mean a great deal to me as a British citizen living in Europe. Having gone through the agreement signed today between the EU and the UK, particularly in relation to Citizen’s Rights I can see no provisions in this agreement about the possibility of UK citizens retaining their EU identity. It’s NOT all about rights of residence & addressing admin/legal status matters; we’re NOT pawns on a chess board you know. Some of us do take their identity seriously and are keen to retain both their UK & EU identity. I do not accept that any government or political entity like the EU has the right to revoke citizenship/identity based on agreements signed this without explicit consent of the individual involved. Questions of identity are certainly matters of Human Rights and ones that cannot be automatically revoked…

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