The BREXIT Nugget: Weak Morals is the Problem NOT the Solution

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I came across this clip on twitter of the BREXIT debate on a recent episode of the BBC’s Question Timedetail below. I listened attentively to the views of MP Sam Gyimah about BREXIT as you can view from the link below. Here is my response which I already shared on Twitter but felt it important enough to dedicate a special post for it on my blog site, so here goes;

Message to MP Sam Gyimah re BBC Question Time on BREXIT
With all due respect re BBC question time where you suggest that despite inaccuracies of expectations set forth in Ref – though one side has the dramatic impact of unravelling a 40+ relationship with the EU – we should go ahead anyway because it’s now the UK vs EU; this is absurd in every sense of the word. So following that same logic if I go…

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