Mike Pompeo Just Let One Off

Talk About Extreme Vetting of Immigrants – Would be More Useful to Start Applying Extreme Vetting to Politicians to Establish Their Qualifications, Experience & True Loyalties/Ideology if We Are to be Effective in Protecting Our Democracy

Fidelito's Blog

While scrolling through the latest youtube video’s today I ran into this clip of Leon Panettaformer Director of the CIA/White House Chief of Staff and Mike Pompeo the current Director of the CIA discussing the all infamous Trump tweets. Now before moving further in this post let me attempt to briefly add some context; When Trump took office to become the 45th President of the US in January 2017, many people NOT just in the United States but around the world were watching with “shock and awe…XXXX”) and you’re free to fill in the blanks. But then there was a way to out of this conundrum; a way to overcome the anxiety about a leader with a temperament of a psychopath; the approach was to surround him (“ring fence him” if you like) with top notch advisers, particularly in key departments like the FBI, the CIA and…

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