The British Governments Response to the Petition to Investigate Foreign Interference in the EU referendum = Hogwash

Fidelito's Blog

The British – so called “government” – has just released its response to a petition with over 17,000 signatures to investigate foreign interference in the EU referendum, and here it is word for word;

As the Prime Minister stated in her speech at Mansion House on 13th November 2017, the first duty of Government is to safeguard the nation.

The Government takes the security and integrity of our democratic processes very seriously. It is unacceptable for any nation, not just Russia, to interfere in the democratic elections of another country.

With regard to cyber interference, the UK electoral system is a difficult one to manipulate directly through cyber-attack as we operate a system of manual counting of paper ballots. Nevertheless, the Government is not complacent and will continue preparing for the future. The National Cyber Security Centre is currently working to deploy active cyber defence measures. These seek to…

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