BREXIT: Parliament to vote on final Deal – A New Approach or a Shiny Object (Updated)

Fidelito's Blog

Very interesting developments by the government, but one that makes you wonder if this is a new proposition or rather it’s more about timing of agreeing to a proposition that was already on the table for some time. Of course we all know it’s the latter that is true. OK but then again who cares – I hear you say – if it produces the desired result; hold on a minute,  who’s desire? So here are my concerns in brief;

  1. Waste of time/effort with process/vision driven by ideologues with narrow political objectives. This essentially means prolonged period of uncertainty and a transition period that may have to be extended due to the fix-as-you-go approach adopted by this BREXIT team.
  2. No viable/pragmatic alternatives are planned for as backup in case of failure to reach agreement.  Again emphasising the risk to our economy through the uncertainty that is at the heart of…

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