BREXIT: A Pragmatic Vision Forward

Fidelito's Blog

Plenty has been proposed about the pros/cons of BREXIT, promises made during the Referendum campaign and propositions about the way forward to help unite the country. I have written plenty on the subject as some may be aware with my initial suggestion about the viability of a 2nd Referendum. What I would like to do here is put forth another option to cut the stalemate and avoid the noise of allegations/counter allegations to reach an informed consensus on the way forward. So what I propose is the following (or a variation of it);

  1. We need to temporarily suspend BREXIT negotiations with the EU
  2. We need an independent body, potentially including the OBR to assess BREXIT impact on all core elements of BREXIT arguments including migration, economy and ability to make law. This while providing 2 or more realistic visions (in/out) of the EU. If any current studies exit they should…

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