fgpixA Walk on the Wild Side – Monkey; The thrill of walking on the wild side cannot be exaggerated, especially for a wildlife photographer. Started the journey and hope to share more of the experience. I also intend to have multiple interpretations – one being basic photo and one or more artistic ones. Here young monkey captured making a bit of a mess and seems to be gloating about it; (kind of embodies state of current British government in dealing with BREXIT-sorry but funny how politics creeps in sometimes. Oh, and by the way this is October 2017,  just so as to keep a historical record of this for future generations  :-)). Applied textured artistic style – which is now the signature style I adopt for my work – to this composition. Hope you enjoy the non-political part of it! However if you discover you can’t realistically enjoy it without the politics, then to hell with it just help yourself!

Link to the original photograph here

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