fgpixPhoto of the Flycatcher bird; This is certainly becoming a frequent visitor. Though I’ve had a few of images in my portfolio they haven’t been published as I was unsure of the species-so now that this has finally been cracked expect more photo’s from this end. In terms of edits not much done on that side and also hope that the framing works well for the overall composition. Hope you enjoy!

About the Bird

The spotted flycatcher is a small slim bird, around 14.5 cm (5.7 in) in length, with a weight of 14–20 g (0.49–0.71 oz). It has dull grey-brown upperparts and off-white underparts. The crown, throat and breast are streaked with brown while the wings and tail feathers are edged with paler thin margins. The subspecies M. s. tyrrhenica has paler and warmer plumage on the upperparts, with more diffuse markings on the head and breast. The sexes are alike. Juveniles have ochre-buff spots above and scaly brown spots below.

They are birds of deciduous woodlands, parks and gardens, with a preference for open areas amongst trees. They build an open nest in a suitable recess, often against a wall, and will readily adapt to an open-fronted nest box. 4-6 eggs are laid. Most European birds cannot discriminate between their own eggs and those of other species. The spotted flycatcher shows excellent egg recognition, and it is likely that it was once a host of the cuckoo, but became so good at recognising the intruder’s eggs that it ceased to be victimised.

Link to the original photograph here

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