Photo Profile Update: Gonzo the Great – Green Woodpecker Bird

fgpixPhoto of the Green Woodpecker Bird: One of the difficult birds to capture but finally nailed him today taking as many photo’s as I was able. Beautiful bird which seems to roam early mornings or late afternoon. Anyway expect some more photo’s of this bird. For this composition very little editing done. Hope you enjoy!

About the Bird

The European green woodpecker measures 30–36 cm in length with a 45–51 cm wingspan. Both sexes are green above and pale yellowish green below, with yellow rump and red crown and nape; the moustachial stripe has a red centre in the male but is solid black in the female. The lores and around the white eye are black in both male and female, except in the Iberian race P. v. subsp. sharpei, in which it is dark grey and males have only a lower black border to the moustache. Juveniles are spotty and streaked all over; the moustache is dark initially, though juvenile males can show some red feathers by early June or usually by July or August.

More than 75% of the range of the European green woodpecker is in Europe, where it is absent from some northern and eastern parts and from Ireland, Greenland and the Macaronesian Islands, but otherwise distributed widely. Over half of the European population is thought to be in France, Spain and Germany, with substantial numbers also in Portugal, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Russia, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria. It also occurs in western Asia.

The main food of the European green woodpecker is ants of the genera Lasius and Formica for which it spends much of its time foraging on the ground, though other insects and small reptiles are also taken occasionally


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