fgpixPhoto of the Common Chaffinch; A frequent visitor this time of year. Love the colour combination and temperament though quite a shy bird, or maybe its just me 🙂 I have plenty of photo’s on my portfolio of this bird and hope each one has it’s own special composition/identity. Applied background texture/editing. Hope you enjoy!

About the Bird

The common chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs), usually known simply as the chaffinch, is a common and widespread small passerine bird in the finch family. The male is brightly coloured with a blue-grey cap and rust-red underparts. The female is much duller in colouring but both sexes have two contrasting white wings-bars and white sides to the tail. The male bird has a strong voice and sings from exposed perches to attract a mate.

The chaffinch breeds in much of Europe, across Asia to Siberia and in northwest Africa. The female builds a nest with a deep cup in the fork of a tree. The clutch is typically 4–5 eggs, which hatch in about 13 days. The chicks fledge in around 14 days but are fed by both adults for several weeks after leaving the nest. Outside the breeding season chaffinches form flocks in open countryside and forage for seeds on the ground. During the breeding season they forage on trees for invertebrates, especially caterpillars, and feed these to their young. The chaffinch is a partial migrant; birds breeding in warmer regions are sedentary while those breeding in the colder northern areas of its range winter further south.

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