BREXIT ON MY MIND: Hard or Soft on the Menu

As a key founding member/contributor we must NOT treat leaving the EU as it’s a walk in the park.

Fidelito's Blog

Now here’s a thought about the Soft-Hard BREXIT saga; When we listen to people particularly politicians talking about the different kinds of BREXIT options available, I think to myself “available??”. The fact of the matter is – and we need to keep this in mind – that these are mere ideas that are open for negotiations. No one really knows the outcome until the end of these negotiations so to suggest we need to focus on supporting one option over another at this stage is simply feeding into false expectations like many of the promises of the Leave camp during the referendum. Going a step further let’s say for the sake of argument I voted for Leave based on terms of a hard BREXIT; what gives politicians the right to alter my vote even if they suggest that it is for the sake of a compromise – what compromise?; I…

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