Photo Profile: Online Store Update (Eglise Saint Jean-Caen)

Eglise Saint Jean-Caen

Architecture is one of the most interesting subject areas in photography. Getting it right can be a bit hit-and-miss situation. It’s not only a question of framing, texture but lighting can have a significant impact on the photo-plenty to learn but I am enjoying it and will be sharing a few photos in this category. This is a photo of a main city church in Caen-France called Saint Jean. As always applied background texture/editing. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. Nice work. I haven’t been in that church since 1967.

    A suggestion for you… a perspective correcting lens can really help the keystoning problem that occurs with verticals like the ones in this image. Old manual ones work great and won’t bankrupt you, though new tilt-shift lenses are very expensive.

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