The real difference between mainstream & ultra-right politics is that mainstream focuses on real issues while ultra-right focus mainly on matters that are likely to invoke biases/tendencies that range from nationalism/protectionism at 1 extreme to pure nativism/racism at another-this by provoking emotions of Fear and/or Exceptionalism. The real question is this; how is it possible that within an Open/Liberal by and large Tolerant Western society can such an extreme ideology exist? The answer is really quite simple but can be best clarified by breaking it into the following points;

  1. Taking Liberal/Democratic values for granted; these need to be clearly articulated and they need to evolve with time.
  2. Serious flaws in Immigration Policies both in terms of criteria & numbers
  3. The false assumption that Integration in a multicultural society requires immigrants to assimilate to new environment/culture-as a 1 way street-without also putting in place mechanisms that ensure the society is equally receptive to migrants and appreciates benefits of diversity that is part-and-parcel of its national identity. Both elements are equally important.
  4. Allowing incompatible information silos to exist within society where fake news reins with no regulation/accountability.
  5. Allowing too much influence of Lobbyist/Special Interest groups to take hold of our political eco system.
  6. Partisan Politics & Corrupt politicians (no oversight of politicians & establishment); I truly believe there should be an independent/proactive Judicial oversight of politicians to ensure they perform/adhere to certain standards and also be the ultimate protector of our Liberal/Democratic values from political overreach.

The good news is that despite the kickback Liberal values are currently taking there is no realistic potential for things like Globalization, Multiculturalism or Liberalism to fade away anytime soon simply because they have become part of the fabric of our global society that created an intricate dependency on them. So let’s take some comfort from this fact but continue our Activism to bring to an end a dark and hopefully short period of our history.

The key point from the above we need to make to ultra-right loyalists is this; there are many sensible solutions to issues that you also agree with before resorting to extreme ideology that does nothing but exacerbate these problems.

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