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NATO contracting in Afghanistan: The Problem of Principal–Agent Networks (Commentary)

A very interesting paper demonstrating the challenges of building a supply chain for military operations in Afghanistan. The thrust of this article is the over-reliance on Private Military & Security Companies (PMSCs) for things like; Logistics Support Maintenance/Repair Military Training Armed Protection However the increased reliance on these PMSCs has caused […]

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The Boris Doctrine of "Gaffemism"

Though I am no supporter of Saudi Arabia with its largely negative influence in the Middle East, it is NOT the role of the Foreign Secretary to deliver inflammatory speeches that risk diluting any remaining influence we may have in the region. Diplomacy is about offline interactions that help find […]

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Elements of Good Governance: A Refresher Course Customised & Freely Available to the British Government

1. Rule of Law Fair legal frameworks that are enforced by an impartial regulatory body, for the full protection of stakeholders. 2. Transparency Information is provided in easily understandable forms and media; that it should be freely available and directly accessible to those who will be affected by governance policies and […]

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