Leaders reject Netanyahu calls for Jewish mass migration to Israel: Commentary

Talk about “Shameful” in UN Israeli Ambassador response to UN resolution against settlement; Well, nothing more shameful than Netanyahu’s response by calling for mass migration to Israel. It truly brings into focus the trauma of the horrific events of the Holocaust and the question of whether these events continue to affect attitudes/policy in Israel. These racist/sadistic events will never be allowed to happen again to Jews wherever they choose to live-same applies to any other ethnic/religious minorities-so please refrain from applying this mindset where it is no longer relevant. In fact religious segregation is in itself a phenomenon we should try to argue against based on historical evidence from the Middle East history itself and state of Arab Jews pre-post the creation of the state of Israel. I truly hope the Israeli leadership attempts to focus more on regional integration/harmony and on utilising the incredible potential for Israel to play a leading role in that area and move towards equitable solution for a lasting ME Peace-dealing with it as an issue of occupation at its core and nothing….nothing more-the solution of which is NOT a Zero Sum game proposition. This could truly be an exciting time for the entire region if only leaders are able to focus building bridges NOT walls.

For us in the west we should continue to support/protect peoples of all ethnic/religious backgrounds who live in our midst as we have always done and Jews have always been (and will always be) a big part of our history/future.

Link to original article here

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