Summary: Transparency of Political Process is critical in our democracy particularly in matters of National Sovereignty and Identity. It is therefore incumbent upon our leaders to ensure that we the people have a say in future direction of our country-this based on accurate information NOT rhetoric.

Details: It is becoming apparent with each passing day that the government is attempting to fast-track BREXIT process without proper oversight by the people. Voting for/against BREXIT in the 1st Referendum is based assertions (or assumptions) that need to be validated, so merely using it as license to conclude the process without such oversight is dereliction of duty as elected representatives of this country. A 2nd Referendum is necessary and politicians who misrepresented arguments need accountability.

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  1. Kevan Chippindall-Higgin

    We have voted to leave. End of conversation. It is now up to our elected representatives to bat for Britain, something they have failed to do for the last 40 years.

    Brexit means leaving the Single Market, the EU and probably the European Convention on Human Rights, given that it has been hi-jacked and roundly abused to our detriment.

    The pound is low, so if our stuff attracts a 4% tariff, it will still be cheap. On the other hand, goods from Europe will be much more expensive anyway, with 4% on top merely adding to the pain. Unless the EU is completely insane, it will sort out a free trade deal with the UK sharpish.

    The best thing that could happen would be for Parliament to repeal the 1972 Act and cancel the Direct Debit at the same time. There is no need to go through the Article 50 nonsense. We are a sovereign nation and do not need to ask anybody’s permission to leave this ghastly club. If we want to go, we go.

    We do want to go, so can we please get on with it.

    • Kevan

      Truly appreciate your comment. Obviously there are 2 sides that have very different views on this issue. But let me make a point here away from the debate itself; this in my view is a question of Process. Whichever side you choose to take, if your position is based on an assessment of what is better for the country-rather than just as a matter of principle irrespective of any specific reason-then we all need to validate that our expectations have been mostly accurate/met in the final agreement post negotiations. It makes no sense to have a Referendum result based on a set of expectations, while the reality provides a completely different outcome. To me it is not about Leaver/Remainer and more about ensuring we validate agreement terms whatever they happen to be. It is also about holding our politicians accountable whichever side they supported if we discover there was intent on their part to mislead the public for whatever reason. More importantly we need to learn to debate calmly without accusations otherwise we loose focus on core issues and we should expect our politicians to adhere to certain standards when promoting their agenda. One of the key issues we face in this day-and-age is the threat of “Disinformation” a powerful/destructive tool in any society and we should do everything we can to fight it, particularly if it occurs in our political system.

      Finally just to say we need to come together as a nation and not allow tribal politics to break us down-it ain’t about party colors/banners but about real people and finding pragmatic solutions to their problems. Democracy is difficult at times but worth every effort of our protection.

      Thanks again for your contribution.

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